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Progressive Baptist Church
​Aurora, IL

Giving physical form to its slogan of being a “beacon of light” for the Fox Valley Community, PBC’s one-story facility presents a 50 foot tower of gently backlit glass to metaphorically welcome visitors to worship, fellowship, and sustenance.
Extending stewardship to development, the 

community disturbed little for building and parking, valuing open space which it restored to prairie, protected for recreational fields and leveraged to manage all storm water on site

Hoscheit McGuirk McCracken, Cuscaden, PC
St. Charles, IL


Clarke - Headquarters
St. Charles, IL

Reflecting Clarke’s environmental mission, the design had to respect the past’s stability while embracing progressive practices.  It was essential to develop an inspiring space which supported
collaboration, technological advances and international connections while maintaining a

flexible, amenable atmosphere.  This contrast of innovation and tradition was the foundation for

Clarke - Garden Service Center
Roselle, IL

The new Garden facility will embody a fulfillment of its corporate aspirations integrating thecurrent and future needs of Clarke operations into a synthetic whole that emphasizes a highquality environment. This document is a first step in developing the long term vision of a campus of buildings sharing resources from building to building; developing over time a permaculture atbalance with nature; and developing a model of true sustainability in our workplaces, neighborhoods and cities. The aim is a socially just, culturally rich, and ecologically restorative environment.

Clarke - Natular Plant
Schaumburg, IL


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